LCC to act on ‘undeclared’ servants


THE Leadership Code Commission (LCC) is now carrying out enforcement against public servants who have not submitted their completed statements of declaration to the Commission before its due date.

Early this year, LCC had issued out a declaration form for the public service within the government ministries to declare their wealth and properties.

The timeframe to fill in the form according to sources has already lapsed but many within the ministries had either ‘not completed and submitted theirs’, or ‘had not signed’.

Island Sun sought comments from LCC’s Chairman, Solomon Kalu, who said that they are now carrying out enforcement against officers within the ministries who had not submitted their statements of declaration.

“The enforcement starts with charging of officers who failed to comply with their duties & responsibilities under part II of the Leadership Code (Further Provisions) Act 1999.

“That is failing to submit statements for the preceding period.

“Officers must provide written explanations for their non-compliance. The Commission will then decide whether an explanation is reasonable to excuse the officer’s non-compliance.

“Of course the charge does not preclude an office from tendering his or her late submissions. They must still submit their declarations but with an explanation,” said LCC’s Chairman.

Information on which government ministries had been completed and which ones are still outstanding for enforcement were not revealed as the Chairman said he will not provide them.

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