Lawyer: why the delay to charge Djokovic?

Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Robson Djokovic
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A LEGAL pundit has ticked off the police for taking too long to prosecute the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Robson Djokovic.

“The charge is quite straight forward,” the pundit says.

“There is no need to conduct an investigation to put a police brief,” he added.

“Why are the police taking so long?”

He said that any appeal by Djokovic to the Court of Appeal does not act as a stay to any prosecution by the DPP against his alleged breaches of the Electoral Act 2018.

The legal pundit argued the DPP’s powers to prosecute is independent of any appeal that Djokovic may have.

“In other words, Djokovic can appeal his citizenship case to the CoA and the RSIPF can proceed to have him arrested and charged for breaches of the Electoral Act which then would allow the DPP to prosecute Robson.

“It would then be up to Djokovic to seek a stay from the court to the criminal trial against him pending the outcome of his appeal,” he added.

“My point is that police should now charge and arrest Djokovic,” he said.

He added that some cases didn’t take long for the police to charge and prosecute others in the courts.

The right thing for them to do is for Djokovic to step down and concentrate on his legal cases.

“Djokovic is not an expert on policy or anything.

“His only defence against the Electoral Act offences is citizenship.

“I find it rather interesting that Caucus has to come to the defence of Djokovic.

“Djokovic doesn’t have any legal defence available. The evidence against him are strong and solid.”

Meanwhile, the legal pundit said the result of the High Court judgement is that the RSIPF should now proceed with the electoral case and have the matter prosecuted in court.

 “Caucus is now confused with Djokovic personal issues ( legal matters) with PMO/SIG issues.

“The fact that Caucus approved his appointment or thinks he is doing a very good job is not an excuse not to suspend or ask him to step aside to concentrate on his legal issues.”