Lauru Provincial Game 2018 coming up


LAURU Provincial Game 2018 is set for the 3rd to 7th September at Taro Station, Choiseul Province.

A statement from the organizing committee for the 2018 Choiseul provincial games are urging all sportsmen and sportswomen of Choiseul Province to prepare for the upcoming games.

“The Lauru Provincial Game is the biggest sporting event in the province of Choiseul and it will be held again after four years since 2014 in which they are looking forward to having this event hosted for their province again.

“The main purpose for the event is to create an avenue to bring Lauru’s sports men and women together to be part of the provincial competitions as well as selecting teams to participate in the upcoming Solomon Games to be hosted at Renbel Province coming November.

“All Choiseul Wards are challenged to take pride and be involved as much as possible in getting all their elite athletes and technical Officials to participate,” the statement said.

It is understood that all teams are to arrive on Sunday the 2nd of September at Taro.

Confirmed games to be played for the Lauru Provincial Game are Football, Netball, Boxing and Athletics.

“For each game from all of Lauru’s Wards, there will be 18 football players plus two Officials, 10 netball players plus two Officials, Boxing (Six Clubs affiliated in 11 categories) and eight athletics players (four male and four females).

“Football is Open Category 11 aside, netball is also Open Category but encourages under 20 girls to play too as the Solomon Games will be for Under 20’s, for athletics, there will be short distance of 100m and 200m plus long distance will be 800m, 3000m and 5000m.

“By the second week of August, all Wards are to confirm games to be played and also the number of players and Officials for each game to the local organizing committee.

“Though the committee will meet food throughout the week, they kindly ask too for each Ward to bring starch of potatoes and cassavas to support their teams.

“The local organizing committee will meet food, accommodation, technical assistance for each games, prizes and the Opening and Closing ceremony.

“Each Ward will be responsible for their own transport and fuel (petrol), however, return fuel (one way) will be met by the organizing committee. Each Ward is estimated for three boats for the committee to meet.

“Each player are to bring their own mats, blankets, pillows, mosquito nets, spoons, cups, plates, cooking pots and containers for water,” detailed report to SunSports.

It is also pointed for reminder that there will be an Official parade therefore all participating teams are advised to have sport uniforms during the Official opening.

The Lauru Provincial Game 2018 Organizing Committee are Mrs Mary Kereseka (Chairlady), Mr Job Qalo (Vice Chairman), Mrs Nellie Siope (Secretary) and Mrs Hellen Jane Zazu Nowak (Youth and Sports Coordinator and Treasurer).

Members are Gibson Vilaka, Tony Kodovaru, Lawrence Isa, Christopher Makoni, John Wesley Zinga, Maclean Biliki, Robert Haukare, Claudence Pade, Vaolyn Vora and Joshua Kisini.

The Theme for this year’s Lauru Provincial Game 2018 is ‘Sport is unity in Development’ (live it up to the game).

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