Last day of voter registration

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THE Solomon Islands Electoral Office (SIEO) reminds electorates that today, Thursday, September 27 is the final day of voter registration.

SIEO said the BVR update period which commenced on September 3, 2018, targeted new registrants who turned 18 after the 2014 Voter Registration and those who have already registered but wish to update their registration details to reflect their current place of residence.

“We hope the given period really captured new eligible voters and gave time for people to update their details.”

The electoral office said there will be no time extension, therefore those who are yet to register must visit registration teams in their constituencies before close of business today to register or update their registration details.

SIEO said the BVR update exercise have been rolled out smoothly throughout the country over the past three weeks, thus wish to thank electorates for their cooperation and patience.

“We’ve encountered few issues but that did not deter efforts to execute the exercise smoothly.

“There were concerns over transfer and the cross border issue but we have laws to punish anyone found and we’ve provided an opportunity for people to correct their registration details before close of business on Thursday [today].

“Otherwise, there is another registration phase called the Omission and Objection phase, where corrections can be made to the provisional list.

“After this BVR exercise, all the data will be retrieved and compiled after which, the provisional list will be produced.”

The provisional voter list is then pinned up at all polling stations throughout the 50 constituencies for people to check and make corrections either through omission or objection.

Any registered person on the list can challenge the provisional list or any person on the list on the following grounds; not a SI citizen, not 18 years old, not an ordinary resident in the area, not of sound mind, not the person he/she claims to be, registered more than once.

A registered person can also apply to correct his/her name if appeared to be mis-spelt or placed in a wrong polling station.

A public enquiry will follow after which the final voter list is compiled.

Below is the timeline of the subsequent registration phases that electorates need to take note of.




BVR Activity Date Number of Days Legal Framework
Voter Registration Update


Sept 3 – Sept 27 25 Sec.16 (3) (B) & Sec 17 (1)
Retrieval of Data


Oct 3 – Oct 23 21 Sec 18 (1) (B), Sec 19A (1)(2)
Distribution of Provisional lists
Publication of Provisional Lists


Oct 29 – Nov 4 7 Sec 18 (3) (B)
Deployment of staff to Omission/Objection sites
Omission & Objection period


Nov 7 – Nov 20 14 Sec 19 (3) (B), Sec 19 A (3)
Retrieval of Omission/Objection forms, preparation of list for public enquiry
Publication of list of claims


Nov 21 – Dec 1 7 Sec 20 (2), Sec 20 (3)
Confirmation of revising sites
Public enquiry and Revision of List Dec 4 – Dec 23 20 Sec 20 A (1)
Retrieval of revision list to Honiara
Settlement of Final Voters List


Dec 29 – Jan 11 14 Sec 21