Land differences in Wairokai must be addressed


in Auki

A man from Wairokai in West Are Are has called upon rival landowning groups in Wairokai to compromise and settle their difference on land issues in the area.

The call came in light of preparation for some major government projects proposed for the area.

In an interview, Mr Peter Waikiri kindly appealed asking the heart of the parties involved to address their difference and consider development for their people.

He said some good news now is work is currently on the government funded palm oil project for Wairokai.

Adding that next is the proposed international seaport government also eyed for the same area.

Saying these are the developments the citizen of this country is crying for, and just to bypass them because of land issue is a big drawback for the people and the country.

Mr Waikiri pointed out that what really important to consider here is the people and the country’s quest for development.

“Our people often suffer and really want development for the country.

“It’s more than enough for us to continue accept the same situation face when privileges are there.

“We must try to change and re-focus ourselves and work towards what is good and beneficial for all,” he said.

Mr Waikiri emphasized that with the currently issue of land experienced in Wairokai, it still not in a favourable position to welcome development for the area.

Mr Waikiri said this is a serious concern for landowners of Wairokai and responsible parties of the tribes should compromise and work together on the issue.

“When the government already showed interest to work with us, let’s free ourselves and pave way for what they intended for us.

“It’s very important that we settle our disagreements and work in partnership with government and other development partners for developments,” he said.

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