Land development in Auki questioned



THE Malaita provincial government is being questioned for the non-development of purchased lands within Auki town

A man from Auki said the central business district of Auki contains parcels of land which have been paid for long ago, but today remains undeveloped.

He said according to the provincial land ordinance, land should be developed within 18 months after purchase.

He adds, failure to do this would lead to the province reclaiming back the land.

“But in this case, people purchased many lands within Auki town about 10-15 years ago and still without development until today. So who legally own those lands is our question. Whether the title holders still own the lands or the province already retrieve them?” the man said.

He said this practice of not developing paid lands in Auki contributes to stalling development of the township as a whole.

It blocks investors who want to come into Auki and develop it, and the province.

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