Lack of traffic monitoring a concern


THE traffic congestion experienced in the city is still of concern to Honiara residents.

A concerned citizen is questioning if Honiara City Council (HCC) law enforcement officers and traffic police are doing their job.

Galorick Irota, a former police officer expressed his concern in an interview last week.

He said roads are jammed with vehicles with no traffic officers present to control or monitor the situation.

Irota adds even the newly built bus stops and bridges are harbouring buses and vehicles that are queuing for longer periods of time.

“This is causing school children and working class people to arrive late to schools and workplaces”, Irota said.

He said buses are not parking properly at their designated bus stops especially at both east and westward Central Market bus stops and at White River’s 01 bus stop.

The concerned man said, at Central Market buses are parking at the end of the bus stop leaving the upper section empty and some can be seen parking near the walkway pavement.

As for the White River 01 bus stop, he says buses at times tend to stop right in front of the road leading inwards, blocking vehicles exiting or entering the road.

Irota voices that it is the duty of HCC law enforcement officers and traffic police to ensure that vehicles are steadily passing through and not stuck in traffic.

He calls on the Head of HCC law enforcement and Commissioner of Police to ensure that their responsible traffic officers are out on duty ensuring that vehicles are not stuck in traffic, something he says has been experienced every now and then.

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