Kukum drainage issue challenges highlighted


HONIARA City Council chief inspector George Titulu has underscored challenges that hinder the ongoing issue of the Kukum Market drainage which poses unfriendly environment and bad stink for the general public to inhale.

In an exclusive interview with Mr Titiulu yesterday he told this paper that there are challenges the council is facing in addressing this issue. These are;

“The Honiara City Council has few waste compactors to transport rubbish and these few machines are currently in a status of mechanical problems.

“Also addressing the general public attitude to do away with littering habit is another challenge for HCC to deal with.

“I hope by doing this it will and can lessen the issue of the Kukum Market drainage matter that those who live nearby and the general public is currently facing.”

Inspector Titiulu said Works division under the HCC had already carried out their responsibility with regards to cleaning the drain and transporting the rubbish to the Ranadi Landfill site but the issue still remains.

“With that we (HCC) have analysed that the situation is caused by the above mentioned challenges,” he said.

Moreover, Titiulu said hence it is crucial for HCC to spearhead a meeting with Kukum shop owners (Asians) and residence that live near purposely to generate ideas on how to keep that drain a rubbish free site and besides to educate them on the councils littering policy that is in place.

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