Koloale murder accused still without lawyer

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THE man alleged of killing another man on June 17 is still without a lawyer.

Public Prosecution told court that investigations are completed and disclosures are being prepared to be served to the defence.

The case then adjourned to September 24 to allow for the accused secure a lawyer.

This is the case where police alleged that the accused, Malcolm Folia, stabbed another man to death over a joke made in relation to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The allegation said on June 17 this year the accused, deceased, and their friends were drinking alcohol at Koloale area in Honiara.

While they were drinking beer, they were all talking about the World Cup and were making jokes about the teams they support.

They allegedly would argue over the teams but did not take the argument seriously.

During that time, the deceased was hungry and told the boys that he will go to his house to eat and will return to them.

It was further alleged that after the deceased left, the accused and the boys continued on to joke about the World Cup teams as the deceased and the accused are supporters of Brazil.

All of a sudden, the accused allegedly punched one of the boys and then attempted to punch another who tried to calm him.

The accused then allegedly told the boys to wait for him while he went to his house to take a knife to stab anyone of them.

Having heard that, the boys allegedly moved to another location by a Mango tree after the accused left.

The boys were still sitting under the Mango tree when the accused return with a knife.

The accused was allegedly seen attempting to stab himself when one of the boys tried to take the knife away from him.

Prosecution alleged that it was at that time that the deceased arrived and tried to help one of the boys to calm the accused.

It was at that time that accused Folia stabbed the deceased with the knife on his right chest.

The deceased left the group and walked back to his house.

He was taken to the National Referral Hospital but died that same night.