Kokonut Cup ends successfully

BY Taromane Martin

THE 9th Kokonut Cup competition was successful held at the Coconut Café in Honiara yesterday.

Japanese International Cooperation Agency Volunteer Ms Yukie Miyano said the competition is aimed at encouraging Solomon Islanders to look after their health and also to communicate with other people from Pacific and other countries.

“Sho and I who are JICA Volunteer have held on the 9th Kokonut Cup successfully today. The Kokonut Cup has started in March last year,” Ms Miyano said.

“This event’s purposes are to give Solomon Islanders the opportunity to communicate with other pacific countries people during sports.

“To encourage Solomon people in health, to give them an opportunity to compete and hopefully see them making it become one of their aim in life.

“It was last event that Sho and I will do together because Sho is going back to Japan after completing his work in the country.

“Sho had swimming lesson first and we had swimming race for individual and then had the water polo game,” she said.

Meanwhile Ms Miyano said after yesterday’s competitions a good number of participants have now passed executing the freestyle, breast stroke and butterfly style swimming events.

“Many participants who from Solomon, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia have enjoyed and excited very much.

“We are very happy to many people has interest to this event and continue to participate and also cooperate us.

“I will effort to hold the Kokonut Cup again with locals and who will help me,” she said.

The individuals are: Nid Satjipanon, Timson Iro, Crema Kangi, Yosuke Ishikawa, Mitsuo Kudo, Keigo Iwayanagi, Mick Li, Ludo Daverdin, Vivian Fernandes, Shunji Fujiwara, Miki Yoshioka, Sakimi Otaki, Hikari Iizuka, Honami Kanehori and Francisca.

Result for yesterday’s Kokonut Cup competition are as follows:

Open men’s

1st Ludovic Daverdin

2nd Timson Iro

3rd Vivian Fernandes


Open women’s

1st Andriana Tukavia

2nd Yukie Miyano

3rd Hikari Iizuka


Result of water polo game:

Team Solomon VS Team Pacific

1 period 2 – 0

2 period 3 – 4

Total 5 – 4 … Team Solomon won

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