Kilufi’I hospital in the clear with medicines



KILUUFI hospital yesterday confirmed that medicine and drug storages in the Pharmacy department is enough until the next supply is due.

Dr. Henry Kako director of Kiluufi hospital confirmed this during an interview.

Dr. Kako said, their supply is enough to cater for the hospital until they receive their next supply in the coming months.

“It seems that our supply here at Kiluufi will sustain our admitted sick patients and the public especially at the outpatient department (OPD) where it will be enough for a month or two if our supply delays”.

He said, that they are not experiencing shortages at the moment and all their departments in the hospital are still in good form in providing health services to the sick patients and those in the OPD department.

“Maybe such shortages will be experienced in the future but at the moment we are still operating without any shortages of medicine here at Kiluufi hospital”.

Island Sun Auki understands National Referral Hospital is currently facing drugs shortages.

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