KGVI students cry once more


STUDENTS of national secondary school, King George Sixth have expressed dismay over their administration’s leadership.

According to a report received by the paper, teachers are alleged of turning up to classes drunk, mistreating students, lying to students and being absent from class.

To add on, students are questioning why these school leaders are indulged in such actions if it has to do with taking their leadership roles as means to benefit themselves or others.

The acting principal was also referred to as “unqualified” and “unsuitable” to lead an institution like King George VI, for the reason that some of the programmes students enjoyed last year are now forbidden to take course this year.

Further expressed is that the students are humbly calling on the national ministry of education to visit the school and see for themselves the kind of discipline the school is under.

Mr Augustine Omearo, the acting deputy principal, was contacted for comments on the matter but he declined to make any.

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