KGVI electricity bills expected to increase


THE irresponsible attitude for not turning electricity lights off at King George Sixth School girls dormitory has been a concern to the public.

A concerned citizen who wants his name withheld reports that lights at the Girls Dormitory have been switched on 24 hours every day over the past three weeks.

He described the practice as irresponsible by the School’s Management as the school’s electricity bill will sky rocket costing the government tax payers unnecessary cost to foot.

Source stressed that such incidents will become a loop hole to the country’s revenue base and the existing low cash flow problem.

“We have been experiencing very low cash flow towards the last quarter of last year and this will be another bill tax payers going to pay.

“This is a total irresponsible practice that needs to be addressed,” he said.

Source suggested that the School should have appointed people such as the securities and station boys to oversee such small but costly issue while students are on holiday.

He adds that the security of the School should consult the Principal and school administration about such incident so that intervention can be taken promptly.

The Source urged King Gorge Sixth School and whoever is responsible to keep an eye on the school compound.

Attempt to contact King George School for comments was not possible yesterday.

This paper will consult the school today to verify the information.

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