Kengava hits out at Choiseul gov’t


Choiseul MPA for Tavula Ward Clement Kengava has labelled the current provincial government incompetent and incapable of bringing in development for the province.

He made this scathing attack in response to deputy premier Nerio Ulemiki’s media call for government to repair the dilapidated hospital in Taro, Choiseul’s capital.

Ulemiki had made the call via SIBC, the nation’s broadcaster on Sunday.

Speaking to the paper yesterday, Kengava said Ulemiki’s media call shows the current Premier Qoloni led government ignorance and lack of understanding of existing special relationship between Choiseul province and the national Health ministry.

“The renewed commitment made by Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) and Central Islands Province (CIP) recently is a good example Qoloni Government of Choiseul Province should look at seriously and follow in order to rehabilitate the rundown Taro Hospital.

“Choiseul Provincial Government is becoming a ‘sitting duck’ now after two years in coming into power from 2018 and is gradually failing to address the province’s much needed improvements in infrastructures in health and education throughout the Province because there is no political will shown by the Executive at present.

“A classic example was the failure by Choiseul Province to take the great opportunity during the recent visit to the province’s Second Appointed Day by the Prime Minister in February this year to secure and sign some tangible Funding Agreements between the National Government and Choiseul Province for the people to witness.”

Kengava pointed that the Province’s Budget for 2021/2022 is a reduction of over $4million from last year’s Budget of $22million plus.

“It shows the Provincial Government is not moving the Province ahead this year and this is a failure to the people of the Province,” he said.

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