Kava spreads like wildfire in Malaita

Kava stalks prepare for west Mbaelelea farmers
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THE message of kava continues to spread and it becomes one of the much talked about commercial root crops in the province.

And it’s not only just a mere message, but rather, farmers investing in the kava programme.

It is a revolution, the first to be experienced with commercial crops in Malaita province in these modern days.

This is with the help of kava trainings and workshops continued to be facilitated by organisations and individuals in the province.

Market is crucial for the production and Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock through responsible kava agents must establish genuine market domestically.

According to a post in Malaita Development Forum (face book), a recent visit was made by kava farmers from west Mbaelelea on a look and learns trip to Faifatla community kava production in west Kwara’ae.

This is part of the kava trend in the province and about 20 kava farmers were privileged to be part of the ‘look and learn’ programme.

During the visit, they met Faifatla Kava Specialist Trainer, Mr James Raisao and took the farmers to different farms and demonstrated kava farming methods carried out in Faifatla to them.

The visit was also a bonus for west Mbaelelea kava farmers to buy kava stalks from Faifatla famers to extend kava production in the province.

Raisao said during the visit that it’s important to encourage more of such look and learn initiative amongst local communities in the province.

“We don’t need source of knowledge from abroad. With cooperation and sharing of local knowledge, we can build strong and resilient communities,” he said.

He said Faifatla community kava production is willing to assist interested kava farmers in the province with the knowledge they have in kava production.

West Mbaelelea kava farmers are collecting kava stalks from farmers at Faifatla in west Kwara’ae. Photo by Samie Waikori