Kakamora Cup enters day three

By Taromane Martin

Officials who witnessed the Grand Opening of the 2018 Kakamora Cup Challenge.

THE Kakamora Cup Challenge in Makira Ulawa Province will enter day three of competition today at the Manita Sports Ground in West Makira.

The grand opening of the Kakamora Cup Challenge was successfully done on Tuesday afternoon at the Manita Sports ground and was witnessed by more than 400 people including participating teams according to Makira Ulawa Football Association (MUFA) Vice President Mr Roxley Tara.

Mr Tara said pool matches for the competition will take place this week and expects to enter the finals next week.

He adds that MUFA will use the tournament to select players for the provincial Real Kakamora squad for this year’s Solomon Games.

“This is the highest football tournament hosted by MUFA in the province. This year we have agreed to send a U-23 football team for the Solomon Games,” Tara said.

“This year’s competition will be interesting because the selection for the provincial Real Kakamora squad for the Solomon Games will also be done during the tournament.

Teams parade during the opening ceremony.
Team Central West

“As soon as the tournament ends names for the Real Kakamora U-13 man training squad for the Solomon Games will be made known public,” he adds.

Meanwhile results from day one of the competition on Wednesday are as follows:

Game 01 – Ulawa vs Manita – Pool A – Manita won by 2 goals to 1

Game 02 – Bauro West vs Starharbour – Pool B – Star Harbour won by 5 goals to 1

Game 03 – Arosi 1 vs Arosi Kings – Pool A – Arosi Kings won by 4 goals to 1

Game 04 – East Haura vs Aorigi – Pool B – Draw 1-1

Teams competing in the 2018 Kakamora Cup Challenge are as follows:

Pool A Teams:

  1. Ulawa 1
  2. Ulawa 2
  3. Arosi 1
  4. Arosi 2 Kings
  5. Manita Host
  6. East Bauro

Pool B Teams:

  1. West Bauro
  2. Aoriki
  3. West Haura
  4. Star Harbour
  5. East Haura

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