Kakamora Cup Challenge underway next week

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Makira-Ulawa’s highest soccer competition will begin Wednesday next week.

Vice-President of Makira-Ulawa Football Association (MUFA) Roxley Tara confirms to SunSPORTS yesterday.

Called the MUFA Kakamora Cup Challenge 2018, the competition will be at the under-22 level and will take place at Manita, West Bauro, Central Makira Constituency.

Tara said the competition was supposed to take place earlier than next Wednesday but had to be moved forward due to some circumstances.

“The new dates will be July 10 to 17.

“The official opening will take place on July 10 and matches will begin on July 11.

“The official closing will be held on July 17 and participating teams are expected to leave to their respective places by July 18.

The competition will be an exciting one as it will bring together all footballers in Makira-Ulawa Province,” Tara assured.

Tara added that a total of 16 teams representing the eight wards in the province are expected to show up for the tournament.

“The tournament will be conducted in a pool competition.

“This competition is a very important one in our calendar as we are using it to select potential players for the Real Kakamora team participating in the next Solomon Cup.”