Kadere party refutes media reports on Boyers’ appointment

THE Kadere Party has rejected defamatory allegations labelled against the appointment of Party President Peter Boyers as an advisor on the Government’s Traditional Governance Policy (TGP).

A party statement yesterday said Boyers‘ current contract under Prime Minister Rick Hou’s administration is an extension of service similar to his previous contract under former prime minister Manasseh Sogavare’s administration.

Boyers was previously appointed as a Consultant (Advisor) to the Ministry of National Unity Reconciliation and Peace (MNURP) on the implementation of the Traditional Governance policy (TGP).

The statement said Boyers was one of the first 15 top officials to be appointed by Prime Minister Hou to implement the TGP which is a flagship policy of the Kadere Party and a priority of the SIDCC Government.

The statement further clarified that the Parliamentary Wing members of Kadere Party is 19 not 9 as misleadingly claimed by veteran journalist Mr Alfred Sasako.

“If the Public Service Commission wishes to change the salary package which was levelled for that position, Boyers is happy to accept that but at no time has there been any question or discussions or queries on the appointment conditions,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the Kadere Party has reiterated its continuous strong support to Prime Minister Rick Hou and his Cabinet.

“We are particularly very happy that we have for the first time a Paramount Chief as a Prime Minister and since the Kadere Party Policy on Traditional Governance is about institutionalisation through legislating traditional governance structures, such as house of chiefs and council of chiefs, we are confident under his leadership this legislation will eventuate before the end of this term,” the statement said.

The Party said Sasako should look at himself in the mirror first before launching his unfounded speculations since he is on the payroll of political friends who are trying to destabilise the cordial relationship between Kadere Party and Prime Minister Hou.

“Sasako needs to tread carefully as he is sacrificing integrity for personal gain and is becoming offensive and defamatory and at the same time is killing the reputation of journalism in this country,” the statement said.


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