Juveniles make up the most of a recent mass arrest by police in the Western province.

Deputy Commissioner Ian Vaevaso says it is sad to see juveniles involved in the incident that occurred at Patmos Island, Roviana lagoon at the Western Province on October 11, 2020.

He said that a total of 23 suspects were arrested on October 14 for allegations that they were involved in burning and destroying properties belonging to a CFC leader.

Vavevaso said those arrested were members of the CFC religious group and reports that police gathered said that they were not happy with their leader and as a result those young people took law into their own hands.

Vaevaso said the leader of the CFC group and his family are now the victims of arson, threatening violence and damages of the victim’s properties, and are moved to another village for their safety.

“When police arrived at the scene of the incident the suspects did not resist arrest,” Vaevaso said.

However, Vaevaso said the situation at Patmos Island is under control as police are now present at the scene doing their investigations.

He further calls on the people at Patmos to support police with their investigation.

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