Junior Warriors FC forfeited

By Taromane Martin

THE Honiara Football Association (HFA) has confirmed all matches for the Junior Solomon Warriors football club have been suspended.

A statement from HFA yesterday said this was after the club failed to turn up for three consecutive matches thus breached the HFA league constitutions sections 2.05 and 2.06.

The action means the Junior Solomon Warriors FC side face relegation to Division 1 at the start of the new HFA season.

“The Honiara Football Association (HFA) has forfeited all Junior Solomon Warriors FC Premier Division matches,” the statement read.

“Junior Warriors failed to turn on for every match after the transfer period for the new season of the Telekom Soccer League thus breached section 2.05 and 2.06 of the league constitution.

“Failing to turn up for three consecutive matches implies Junior Warriors is suspended from the whole season. Therefore all remaining matches are forfeited,” the statement adds.

According to sections 2.05 of the HFA league constitution it states there shall be no late registrations. Clubs which have not paid in their registration fees and submitted their registration forms by the stipulated dateline shall lose its three points from its first league match and lose subsequent three points for every following matches until they pay in their fees and submit their registration forms.

While section 2.06 of the league constitution states any club that fails to pay its appropriate fees and submit their Registration form three consecutive matches after the Commencement of the league shall be suspended for the whole season and automatically relegated to the lower division at the start of the new season.

Meanwhile updated HFA competition table for the Premier and Division 1 competitions as of last weekend sees G-Camp FC leading the Premier Division with 30 points followed by Hana FC with 27 points, Cy Strikers FC with 26 points, Mars United FC with 25 points and then Makuru FC in fifth position with 24 points.

Leading in the Division one competition sees FC Islanders leading with 36 points, Sunbeam FC with 33 points, Our Breeze with 30 points and Junior Warriors FC with 28 points.

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