JQY responds to allegations


DIRECTOR of JQY, Yang Jian Qing has categorically denied the allegations levelled against his company by Wendy Amongongo on social media.

Wendy, wife of former Axiom mining Chief Executive Officer Ryan Mount, claimed JQY had received $240 million from Members of Parliament Constituency Development Funds.

She, who now resides in Australia, also claimed that JQY has involved in the beche-de-mer trading in Ontong Java, Malaita Outer Islands and plans to overtake the resources from the islanders.

However, in an interview with a source this week, Yang Jian Qing denied having received any such payment from MPs.

JQY is a preferred supplier of the Government, and as such has been given the contract to provide hardware materials for Government Ministries including the Constituencies that order materials from the company.

“As a Preferred Supplier, Government Ministries or Constituencies submit orders and get materials from the company who in turn bill the Ministry of Rural Development (SIG) for its materials,” Yang Jian said.

He clarified that JQY has not interfered nor involved directly in the procurement process as the process is done by the respective Ministry personnel including the Ministry of Finance.

Further to that, Yang Jian said as for the special relationship with the Prime Minister as claimed by the by Ms Amangongo, it is confusing to claim that JQY received special treatment from the PM to join the official delegation to China, when other business dignitaries who are owners of other private businesses are also part of the delegation.

Moreover, Yang Jian said JQY was not involved in the buying of Beche-de-mer nor providing of goods to store owners in Ontong Java.

“In fact, the ship was chartered by another company not owned by JQY.

“For Ms Amangongo’s information JQY does not involve in the trading of bechedemeer nor supplying of goods to store owners in Ontong Java,” he said.

“As far as the prices of are concerned, an agent in Pelau has revealed that prices of the bechedeemers were decided by the Chiefs and Leaders, and not as claimed by Ms. Amangongo,” he added.

In addition, Yang Jian denied any idea of the purported plot to take over all of Pelau’s bechedemeer stock.

“As for the trips by Solomon Prestige 2, during the period that leads to the outbreak of the corona in the country, JQY has no direct control over the ships since it was chartered by others who went to Pelau to buy bechedemeer.

“Management of JQY is unhappy that Ms. Amangongo or the Social Media decided to publicize the issue without proper checks to verify them,” he said.

“It is good and proper that one must be prepared to support claims with evidence because JQY has a good name and will not want that name and reputation to be tarnished by those with other agenda’s not in the interest of the business industry, people and economy of Solomon Islands,” he said.

Yang Jian said JQY Management is requesting individuals, community leaders, business houses, Provincial Government and National Government to work together to assist business houses in Solomon Islands.

He said the country is in a very difficult time, and it needs everyone to work together to build the economy of the country to get it back to its feet.

“JQY supports any endeavours to assist to grow the economy of the country,” he added.

The Director and owner of JQY Group of Companies, Yang Jian Qing first entered the business arena in 2000 in Auki, Malaita Province.

He ran a trade store in Auki from 2000 to 2008 before coming over to Honiara.

Yang Jian Qing’s brother in-law is married to a local from Malaita Province and as someone connected to people through marriage has connections to a lot of people in Malaita, especially around the Auki town area.

Yang Jian Qing has been in the country for 21 years and is a citizen of Solomon Islands.

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