Local airspray artist Jason Benneth’s work on display on the Sportsman’s Pub external walls.
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SOLOMON Breweries (SolBrew) recently unveiled a unique air spray art by local artist Jason Benneth on the Sportsman Pub exterior walls at the Bahai area. The artwork featured SolBrew brands SolBrew Lager, Canoe Lager and SB.

Following on from the success of SolBrew’s partnership with artist Brian Feni in late 2020 they commissioned work from Jason Benneth for a more contemporary style.

SolBrew’s Trade Marketing Executive, Sean Hiele explained that Jason’s art caught their eye because it was something different and unique in the Solomon Islands.

Mr Hiele said “This art form is not very well known in the Solomons which why we were very pleased to work with Jason and allowed him the avenue to showcase his unique art, it is also a bonus that it give’s one of our customers, Sportsman Bar a great new look.”

We are very pleased with Jason’s work, like Brian Feni, he has made an eye catching, fun piece of art on the Sportsman’s bar wall for many onlookers.” Mr. Hiele said.

The soft-spoken, shy artist, Jason Benneth is thankful for the opportunity provided by SolBrew to showcase his art and is hopeful for future projects where he can create artworks for public spaces, adding value for the community and at the same time inspire many other young artists.

I am grateful for this project because it provided the means to meet my financial needs and I know I am skillful in this unique art but being a shy person, it is not easy to really show myself. This opportunity that SolBrew has given me to show my art to the general public has really built my confidence. It has been a great experience to help SolBrew showcase its brands through air spray which helps its customers like Sportsman Pub.” Mr. Benneth expressed.

Jason’s Benneth’s air spray artwork is the second large scale work commissioned by SolBrew to feature on public facing walls, the first being by Brian Feni on SolBrew’s own event venue [email protected]