Japans helps two communities via its Grassroots Human Security project

By Tanny.E.Vahi

THE Japanese Embassy has added to their growing list of assistance by issuing out two grants which will go towards boosting infrastructure development in two communities in the Solomon Islands.

The recipients are; the project for Loimuni rural health clinic infrastructure, and the project for construction of classroom building for Tumurora Primary School and Kindergarten.

In his opening remarks the Ambassador of Japan his Excellency Mr Kenichi Kimiya expresses his official approval of the projects which were submitted to them in August 2016 and May 2017 respectively.

He reiterated Japan’s commitment to contributing towards the development of Solomon Islands, especially through infrastructure.

“On behalf of the Japanese Government, we are very pleased to contribute to the development for the people of Solomon Islands.

“I would like to emphasise that today is just the beginning for you to start implementing these projects properly, while keeping in your mind that this is a present from the Japanese taxpayers.”

Tumurora Primary School reps with Officers from the Japanese Embassy office

Mr Kimiya said the priority areas of the Grassroots and Human Security Scheme in the Solomon Islands is through supporting health environment through the construction of health facilities for rural areas and construction of school facilities such as classrooms for students.

“As per priority area of our assistance under the Grassroots and Human Security Scheme in the Solomon Islands, we believe that this project will have positive impacts on the development of human resources in Solomon Islands.

“Whilst, the building of the classroom buildings for Tumurora Primary School and provision of the Health Facilities/infrastructure for Loimuni will play a key role in the development of human resources in the Solomon Islands.”

Loimuni Rural Health clinic infrastructure reps with Officers from the Japanese Embassy office

Responding to Kimiya, representatives of the two recipient organisations, Dr Lazarus De Neko, Provincial Health Director of Choiseul Provincial Health Services and Stephen Panga, spokesman for Tumurora Primary School, sincerely acknowledges the Embassy and the Government and People of Japan.

“Those of us present here are the key people who will assist in driving these projects and it is our pleasure to introduce them.

“The chiefs and elders of our communities are very happy to hear of the projects approval and on our return, we will do awareness to tell people of the help Japan has given and to mobilise community support,” they said.

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