His Excellency, Ambassador Miwa Yoshiaki and team are receive by Mana'abu community during their visit last week.
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Ambassador Yoshiaki meets community



DISCUSSIONS are underway between the Malaita Provincial government and the Japanese Embassy to look at possible ways to pursue the development of Suava Bay.

In amplifying the discussion, Japanese Ambassador to Solomon Islands Miwa Yoshiaki conducted a site visit to Suava Bay last Thursday and met with landowners at Mana’abu village.

Speaking during their meeting Yoshiaki acknowledged the people of Mana’abu/Suava for receiving him and assured them of his willingness to cooperate with them.

His Excellency, Miwa Yoshiaki is deliverying his speech during his recent visit to Mana’abu village in Suava Bay.

He said Japan has had long relationship with the Solomon Islands and have carried out many projects in the country and on Malaita province contributing to the livelihood of people.

He said Japan wants to strengthen its relationship with the Solomon Islands furthermore, and in more directions.

“For us, it’s very important to find valuable and important projects through the cooperation between us.

Members of Mana’abu community and its surrounding communities gather for the arrival of His Excellency Miwa Yoshiaki, Premier Suidani and team to Mana ‘abu last week.

“So to me, this kind of visit to local a community is very valuable, to see the environment you live in, hear what you’re seeking and expecting.

“I will go back to my office and think on what would be a good cooperation with you,” Mr Yoshiaki said.

Ambassador Yoshiaki was accompanied by Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani and members of his executive during the visit to the people of Suava Bay.

Premier Daniel Suidani delivering his remark during a breif visit to Mana’abu village in Suava Bay last week.

A representative of landowners from the Suava Bay, Lesley Lamani acknowledged the visit of both Ambassador Miwa Yoshiaki, and Premier Daniel Suidani.

He assured them of their enthusiasm to cooperate with partners in pursuing development for Suava Bay as they have been liaising with Japan on the development initiative.

“We hope that you will appreciate our aspirations in partnership, which is to develop the plans we together with the MARA government had presented on Suava.

Reps from tribes within Suava Bay during the visit of Japanese Ambassador, His Excellency, Miwa Yoshiaki to Mana’abu last week.

“We welcome inputs that you desire to put forward in order to make this project a model project template for Solomon Islands and the Pacific region.

“You have been to many places, and coming to our community, you can see how we live and the simplicity of our programme is a true reflection of the people we are,” Lamani said.