Japan expresses disappointment over PM Sogavare’s statement at UNGA against discharge of ALPS treated water


JAPAN has expressed disappointment at Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare statement at the recent 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) against the release of ALPS nuclear treated water.

Japan made an immediate reply after Prime Minister Sogavare statement.

Japan Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nation, His Excellency Ambassador Shino Mitsuko said the Government of Japan has always provided detailed explanations on this matter to the international community, including PIF members, based on scientific evidence in a transparent manner.

H.E Shino statement was then reinforced by His Excellency Miwa Yoshiaki, the Japanese Ambassador to Solomon Islands yesterday afternoon at a media conference with the local media.

Ambassador Miwa said that they were disappointed because the issue was brought to the attention of the Solomon Islands Government on several occasion since early this year.

He said on 15 February he had an audience with the Prime Minister and then on March 19 this year Japan’s former Foreign Minister visited the country and met with the Prime Minister.

Miwa said on these occasions Japan’s position was communicated precisely to the Solomon Islands Government.

Ambassador Miwa adds that since the Solomon Islands Government and Japan established diplomatic relations never had they experienced a strong statement coming from the Solomon Islands Government except for what had happened last Friday and the UNGA meeting.

Miwa said that the only responds they received from the Solomon Islands Government is that Solomon Islands Government stance will be on scientific data and solidarity with the Pacific Island Forum countries.

In his statement at UNGA Sogavare said that IAEAs assessment report is inconclusive and that the scientific data shared remains inadequate, incomplete and biased.

Sogavare adds that these concerns were ignored and if this nuclear waste water is safe, it should be stored in Japan.

He said the fact that is dumped into the ocean shows that it is not safe.

Responding to Prime Minister Sogavare’s tough statement, Ambassador Miwa said they were utterly disappointed that such statement was never communicated or brought to their attention even through the diplomatic channel where these issues should be communicated and explained.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Miwa said it is Japan’s wishes that he discusses with the Prime Minister on the issue.       

“We hope we can discuss very frankly as Prime Minister Sogavare egressed his opinion in his statement, we have to be frank and honest, we are also on the same opinion. We want to sort this issue bilaterally.

“If the Prime Minister can sermon me, anytime, I am ready to visit his office again at any time, either it be in the early morning, at late night, Saturday, Sunday, Christmas or anytime I can go.” 

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