Janus progressing very well


POLICE say that the Janus taskforce is progressing very well and criticisms that Janus has been weakened are not true.

Supervising Police Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi said that the Janus taskforce is an independent body and there has been no interference affecting the taskforce and they are doing fine on what they are doing.

Mr Manelusi in answering questions regarding to police investigation and Janus, said that police investigation can only be effective if there are more public support as police alone cannot do it by themselves.

He said any arrest that police will be doing in terms of their investigation, police will always release information in the media.

During a press conference yesterday, Manelusi was asked why police were arresting small fish and not big fish, to which he replied that police depend on information and facts provided to them and also police investigation are not categorising criminals on ‘small or big’.

However what police are doing is to be fair to everybody that nobody is above the law but everybody else is subjected to the law of this country, Manelusi said.

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