Israel group call on gov’t to clarify ACB



THE Remnant of Israel church in Solomon Islands has called on the national government to clarify who owns the Anti-corruption Bill 2017 (ACB).

General Overseer of Remnant of Israel congregation, Mr Tony Kedeau, explains that the ACB ‘since day-one has been the centre of public talks’.

And, his church is confused over who owns the Bill.

“Is it the Transparency Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands Christian Association, Government Steering committee, Government or Civil Society Organization?” Kedeau asks.

“I want to say, Government should come out clear and state clearly who owns the Anti-corruption bill, so that they will not make confusion with their political moves.

“It is better to tell nation straight away who this bill for so that they do right interpretation of it to avoid confusion within government and its people.”

Kedeau calls on the members of parliament to focus on the nation’s interests rather than engaging in political games which do not benefit the country.

“Just give us right conclusion as to who owns the Bill so that they made a right interpretation, and not for political propaganda moves which left people stranded,” Kedeau said.

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