Islanders finalise team for HHH Man Up Challenge


ISLANDERS Brothers Rugby Club has finalised its team for the Henderson Hammer Heads (HHH) Man Up Challenge.

A total of 33 players were named after their training session yesterday evening.

The 33 players comprise 20 forwards and 13 backline players.

Team Manager Derek Pongi said they are ready to take part in the challenge.

“We are ready to play and really look forward to the first match.”

The final list will be submitted to the organisers this evening, according to Pongi.

Pongi also confirmed veteran rugby player Keith Namona as the head coach.

Meanwhile, the HHH Man Up Challenge will begin this Saturday.

Another three teams apart from Islanders are taking part.

They are hosts HHH, Diesel and TIA Warriors.

Matches will be held at DC Park, Henderson.

Kicking off the tournament this Saturday 1.30pm is Islanders taking on the hosts.

The second match will be at 4pm between TIA Warriors and Diesel wrapping up round one.

Fletcher Kwaimani Joint Venutre Group is the sponsor of the 2018 HHH Man Up Challenge.

See Islanders final squad below:


  1. Bonnie Pugeva
  2. Samuel Suifasia Jr
  3. Adilla Dolaiano
  4. Greg Sautahea
  5. Dazward Kaipua
  6. Johnston Tautai
  7. Benjamin Talu

8.Ronny Dausabea

  1. Chris Tema
  2. Fraser Manau
  3. Moxy Manau

12.Axl Moapa

  1. John Tomato
  2. Jim Puia
  3. Apheus Kupenga
  4. A. Rukia
  5. Harris Giusaga

18 Derrick Nasiu

  1. Shatler Saukiu
  2. Frazer Hou


  1. Costello Tuitupu
  2. Andrew Tema
  3. Clive Saueha
  4. Ben Puia
  5. Monty Tekobi
  6. Gary Kaisangage
  7. Aubrey Puia
  8. Floyd Tuhenua
  9. Victor Saueha
  10. Mike Tuhaika
  11. Deni
  12. Kian Sauika
  13. Ashley M

Coach: Keith Namona

Manager: Derek Pongi

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