Isabel MPs meet premier

Premier of Isabel province Rhoda Sikilabu meeting with three Isabel MPs Jeremiah Manele, Samuel Manetoali and Dr Culwick Togamana.
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Premier of Isabel province and her delegation yesterday met with three Member of Parliament of Isabel Province at Heritage Park Hotel.

The meeting was part of the new executive courtesy call and opportunity for them to discuss issues where they can work together with political leaders to drive development aspiration of the province.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and MP for Hograno Kia and Havulei Jeremiah Manele acknowledge the Premier Rhoda Sikilabu for availing their time to meet with them and discuss issues where they can work together.

One of the issues they discussed is the National Security Treaty with the Peoples Republic of China (PRC).

He explains that in 2016-2019 there were consultation on National Security Treaty and a summit to validate the outcome of the consultation in 2019.

In 2020 the government then launched the national security treaty.

“What you hear as the security cooperation with China is not only for China but with other development partners as well,” Manele explained.

“The first one was with Australia called the 2017 Australia Solomon Islands Security Treaty,” he added.

“The idea is because we are unable to look after ourselves.”

Manele said a clear example is the riot and burned down of China Town where Law and Order become a problem.

He added the government believes the country needs more partners not only Australia but other countries that have diplomatic relations because security needs of the country would require the involvement of more partners.

Minister of Health and MP for Maringe Kokota Dr Culwick Togamana also updated the premier and her delegation on the current status of the covid-19 pandemic.

He said his ministry with the help of multiple partners was able to respond to the community transmission.

“We manage to contain the effect of the varus to the extent of 10 positive case in the last 24 hours in Honiara,” Togamana said.

He said the ministry requires support from every partner including the province to contain the pandemic.

MP for Gao Bugotu constituency Samuel Manetoali encourages the premier to embrace every development partner to build the province.

He said the province must start looking at preparing for federal government system and think around building an international airport and other infrastructures.

He said as leaders they will always support the province in the political level.

Premier Sikilabu appreciated the three leaders for giving their time to meet with her delegation.

She said the purpose of her delegation’s visits is to make courtesy calls to stakeholders, ministries and government leaders.

She added the new executive want to begin with a change and that change is building closer relationship with many focal points such as the ministries, stakeholders and the government leaders. – By Charles Kadamana