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Isabel CEO clarifies teachers posting

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THE Chief Education Officer (CEO) for Isabel Provincial Education Authority Mr James Tugumana has clarified the issue concerning unplaced teachers who are registered under Isabel province.

Speaking to Island Sun, Tugumana said un-placement of teachers for 2018 is a national issue and that most teachers in other provinces are also faced with similar issues.

He said the reason behind the issue of un-placement for 2018 posting is due to low performances and cut on establishment for 2018.

Tugumana said one teacher is expected to teach for 26 – 30 periods per week but due to increased number of teachers number of periods per teacher has decreased thus the reason why this cut is being experienced this year.

He said secondary division schools within the country are faced with the same issue and it is the Ministry and the government who are responsible to address the issue.

Tugumana explained that Isabel province have seven unplaced teachers and his office is still dealing with the issue.

He said that some teachers will leave for study at the Solomon Islands National University and his office is looking at filling their vacant positions with the unplaced teachers.

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