Investigation into PC Manelusi’s case begins


INVESTIGATIONS into a police officer, the son of RSIPF’s deputy commissioner operations Gabriel Manelusi, began yesterday.

Police Media confirmed to this paper that Constable (PC) Moffat Manelusi is under investigation for drink-driving in a police vehicle.

“The RSIPF’s Professional Standard and Internal Investigation (PSII) Division will investigate the report which has appeared in the media,” Police media said.

However, Police media could not comment further, insisting that the case is ongoing, advising Island Sun that “any further decision will be based on the finding of the PSII investigation”.

Social media had reported that PC Manelusi had taken a police vehicle – land cruiser G-4047 on an all-night drinking spree.

According to FSII the vehicle was recovered on Sunday morning by Henderson CID officers at the Deputy Police Commissioner’s residence.

It is unclear whether PC Manelusi has been stood down from duties while investigations continue, or that he is still working.

It is understood that PC Manelusi works at the Henderson Police Post in East Honiara under the Guadalcanal Province.

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