Inquiry on couple’s death continues in court


THE inquiry into the death of a couple at the Mbumburu area in 2016 is continuing in the Honiara Magistrate Court before Chief Magistrate Emma Garo.

Yesterday a police officer gave evidence before the Coroner in relation to a phone conversation.

The hearing has been conducted since March and several witnesses have been called to give their evidence before the coroner. The hearing was adjourned and then continued on Monday this week.

The inquiry was conducted to establish the cause of death for the deceased couple.

This is in relation to the case where a couple were found dead at their home in November 2016.

Police were called to the scene and retrieved the bodies of the couple and transported the bodies to the National Referral Hospital.

On the day of incidence, residents of Mbumburu were shocked at the sad news and gathered along the road as police entered the house to carry out initial investigations and also to retrieve the bodies.

Reports stated that residents close to the house where the two deceased had lived were not aware of the tragic death.

However, curiosity arose when they realised that the house was quieter than usual and the fact that an unusually large number of flies were circulating the house, battering the windows.

It was then that the neighbours kicked down the locked doors and were met by a foul smell coming from inside that they called the police.

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