Information sharing important: Dr Alec

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MANAGER of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Dr Alec Hughes says institutions and organisation need to share important information that would help establish better understanding on environment threat and to make sound decision towards environment issues and mitigation strategies.

In an interview with ABC, Dr Alec emphasized and encourages environment warriors to work together in terms of research ahead of the global climate conference which will be held later this year.

“The important message is, if we continue with the business usual approach without taking the necessary steps to eliminate global emission then bleaching event will become frequent leading to reduction in biodiversity of our shallow water reefs ecosystems.

“So with that in mind, I think it is important to note that later this year our global leaders will be meeting at the global climate conference,” he said.

Commenting on Wildlife Conservation Society’s operation in Western Province, Alec said, WCS will continues to work with Community Conservation Networks to improve land management practices in effort to reduce potential torrential base run off that can damage coral reefs and fisheries that are depended on coastlines downstream.

He said WCS, World Fish Centre and Local Marine Management Network have established a policy analysis and roadmap for greater conservation activities not only in Western province but through our Solomon Islands.

Alec said the policy analysis highlighted the need for more focus on regulating and monitoring extractive industries such as logging which is prevalent in the Solomon Islands.