Increased school capacity requires more investment

Some of the Provincial Education Authorities and School Leaders on yesterday's mentors induction workshop
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Proffessor Kabini Sanga speaking during the offcially opening of the workshop

AS the country’s population grows so too does the task of providing quality education for our children.

Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) Dr Frances Rodie highlighted that schools are become increasingly diverse and their capacity to provide empowering education requires more investment.

This requires the country to invest more on time, resources, and guidance needed for the society.

“By the time we commit ourselves to invest on these key areas it will help schools to move towards teaching that will meet individuals at their point of readiness, interest and meaningful profile.”

Rodie adds that it is time provincial education authorities and school leaders are supported to help them prepare young people to face the ever changing and challenging real world.

Some of the Provincial Education Authorities and School Leaders on yesterday’s mentors induction workshop

“Students today needs to be trained to be the change and be the leaders for an entirely different world of tomorrow.”

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