Incorporation of knowledge, languages, culture key to cultural preservation


THE Incorporation of knowledge, languages, and culture into the education sector is vital for preservation of cultural heritage.

Solomon Islands National University (SINU) Vice Chancellor Professor Transform Aqorau echoed this during the International Education Conference.

“Indigenous knowledge systems, developed over generations, offer invaluable insights into sustainable living, natural resource management, and community resilience” Aqorau said.

He emphasized that this approach will enrich the educational experience for educators and students alike.

“Teaching in local languages and incorporating cultural practices help students connect with their roots, fostering a deep sense of identity and pride” Aqorau emphasized.

He stressed that apart from preserving heritage and enriching the educational experience, it will also foster “community bonds and national identity” both necessary for a sustainable future. 

Aqorau further described the approach as a “powerful motivator” as it will help students develop a sense of responsibility towards their communities and the environment.

“It will provide a unique perspective that can contribute to innovative solutions for contemporary challenges, blending traditional wisdom with modern knowledge” he added.

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