Inappropriate feeding leads to early NCDs in babies

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IT has been revealed that inappropriate feeding leads to early development of Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) in babies.

Chief Nutrition Officer from the health ministry (MHMS), Ms Salome Diatalau raised the concern appealing to breast feeding mothers to be cautious with the practice.

She said NCD can develop in babies from inappropriate feeding or less breast feeding practice of babies.

Diatalau pointed out to mothers that infant formula feeding of babies pose very high risk to babies as it can lead to development of diseases.

She explained that infant formula is milk prepared from cow and can be given to babies on formula feeding.

“One very important thing mothers must aware is the nutrient in the cow’s milk is different from the content of human (mother) milk.

“High amount of fats, sugar and other substance contain in cow’s milk than in mother’s milk.

“And one obvious feature you can see with babies feed with infant formula is they usually big in size (fat), and that can be the early development of NCDs,” Diatalau said.

She added that how food can be prepare for babies was one area mothers must consider only to prepare right food for them.

“Because at the moment NCDs are prevalent mean they not only restricted to certain age group like what experience in the past.

“The only best I can say is to properly breast feed your babies and if babies start to test food, prepare them with right food,” Diatalau said.