Improvement of Auki market on focus



The back view of Auki Market in Auki

IMPROVEMENT of needed areas within Auki market is the priority for new market master Mr James Hagi.

Hagi, who is new in the public sector after a good many years in the private sector, he is planning to work with other authorities and stakeholders to this fulfil this priority.

He highlights the Auki fish market as one of the urgent areas under focus. He said it needs proper facilities.

But, since proposed improvements might take time, Hagi has suggested installing concrete slabs as a temporary measure.

He said this is to ensure the fish within the fish-market be displayed or sold in a clean and tidy environment.

Hagi added that another area is the market’s ablution which is in a dilapidated condition.

He said water is the problem with the ablution, and he will work closely with responsible authorities to pursue addressing the matter.

Hagi also stressed that waste management is another major issue and he’ll work closely with the Malaita local council to address.

He said the set of these plans are already known by responsible authority especially the Malaita province and they will work together on addressing them for the improvement of the market.

Hagi said together with the proposed development his office also prioritise other jobs delegated by his office for the smooth running of the market.

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