Imported goods should be controlled: Mataki

By Mike Puia

PERMANENT Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Metrology (MECDM), Dr Melchior Mataki says imported products should be controlled.

Mr Mataki uttered when appearing before the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) last Friday.

The MECDM also appeared before the PAC to present its development and re-current budget for next year.

When asked by members of the PAC about who is responsible for clearing scrap from old ship wrecks along the city’s seafront, Mataki said his Ministry has no direct responsibility.

He said the Ministry can do assessment, but they are also keen to support private sector to do re-cycling of scrap.

Mataki said the Ministry hopes once their proposed act comes into force, the Ministry would properly control second-hand products that are imported into the country.

“We have people bringing in second hand products. When these products lose their purpose the Ministry of Environment comes to mind,” the PS for environment said.

He said people expect the Ministry to be responsible for clearing the scrap but importers should be given the responsibility as done in some parts of the world.

He said keeping the environment clean needs an approach that goes as far as imposing ban on the use of plastic.

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