Illegal squatters in Gizo raises alarm

By Mike Puia


ILLEGAL squatting is slowly growing in Gizo, the provincial centre of Western province, raising concern among public.

Some provincial workers confirmed the issue is now becoming clear in the township.

They also said the last government had been planning to tackle the issue but could not implement its plans before the new government came in.

The current government has expressed concern over the issue but is yet to come up with a tangible action plan.

Provincial secretary, Jeffery Wickham said they are worried about this issue but to date there is no serious discussions around it.

“The province is concern about this but it has yet to come up with a concrete plan although there have been ad hoc discussions around this issue,” Wickham said.

He said the issue of illegal squatting exists in every developing country because of the gap between the rich and poor.

“Illegal squatting is in every developing country. It’s an issue that is not easily be dealt with,” Wickham said.

The issue is also reported in Noro mainly on national and provincial government lands.

Wickham added there are ‘things’ which must be addressed first before any move to deal with illegal squatters.

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