Ilia primary school commends SIG, parents for new classrooms

The newly completed classroom building. Pictures- BY CHRIS HAPERT HA'ARABE.
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THE Ilia Primary School at Gilbert Camp in East Honiara has commended Government (SIG) and students’ parents for its new classrooms.

Head Teacher Henry Bruno Ravikeni said the new classrooms brings to an end afternoon classes, which they have had for the past two years.

Mr Ravikeni explained last year and this year the school managed to complete two classroom buildings; one on the other side of the existing building which accommodates three classrooms, and the other building, which was completed this year, accommodating six classrooms.

“Teachers are really enjoying teaching inside the newly completed classroom buildings, and the students as well are really enjoying their studies because it is conducive for them,” he said.

Ilia Primary school recently introduced secondary classes – up to form two.

 “We have the other unfinished classroom building that needs to be completed anytime this year depending on the constructor, and the supplier of housing materials for its completion,” Ravikeni said.

He uttered once it is completed, the school should have form three and four next year.

“I am appealing to the SIG to urge the constructor to quickly complete the classroom building as soon as possible before this year 2021 lapses,” he said.

A parent and as well a former chairman of the school board Mr James Blake said he was very happy to see such infrastructure development on the ground.

“We need powerful leaders like this in the school to boost the development of the school,” Blake uttered.

A female standard six student, Annett Kolagi said she is enjoying her studies inside the newly completed classroom buildings.

“I love doing my studies inside the new classroom buildings because it is conducive, it provides friendly environment for us students,” she expressed.