IDC assures Tatamba communities of removal of MV Estrella

MV Estrella berthing at Tatamba wharf.
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Isabel Development Company (IDC) Managing Director James Habu has assured Tatamba ward and surrounding communities that MV Estrella will be removed from Tatamba wharf once enough fund is available.

MV Estrella has been berthing for over a year after experiencing machinery failure.

This has raised concern to Tatamba ward and surrounding communities of potential environmental impact to coastal area and marine resources.

Not only that it also affected the travelling passengers and other vessels accessing the wharf.

Two concern members from Tatamba ward, Wayne Manutai and Kenneth Oleva who took the initiative to discuss the issue with Mr Habu said it was sad to know the current situation IDC is facing.

Manutai said from their discussions they were informed that IDC is really down on its knees as far as financial strength is concern and that has affected the operation and services of IDC.

Adding more problem is the impact of Covid-19 pandemic felt by everyone.

Manutai said the IDC management also share the same concern to remove the vessel from Tatamba wharf but they could not do much without money.

Mr Habu informed Mr Manutai and Oleva that someone from Tatamba ward have requested the company to move the vessel to anchor at nearby island at Tanabuli but there is no fund to even purchase an anchor.

It was also suggested to move the vessel to Cockatoo Island and again IDC need money to do that.

According to Habu some parts to fix the problem already purchased last year and are still at the Ports Authority waiting for clearance.

He said IDC again need money to clear them and that has delayed the progress of work in maintaining the vessel.

Despite of the financial difficulties Mr Habu assured that once the company have enough money MV Estrella will be removed from the wharf.

He said he will further discuss the matter with his colleague Manager Collin Feitei on the concern raised to him.

Habu said at the stage the company need people who can manage the operation as expected.

He said since he took up office there is small progress been made and hope IDC is still heading towards good recovery.

According to a person who is well aware of the situation of the vessel it needs around $500,000 to put back the vessel up and running again.

Mr Estrella is among five vessels that run by IDC. The other includes MV Arnavon, MV Isabella and MV Ortega and MV Onogou.

MV Isabella is also currently berthing at Cockatoo Island while MV Ortega has been sold to a private business man.

IDC is the longest shipping company in Solomon Islands established in 1971 as a private company. It have 249 shareholders which bunched into 49 trustees monies collected.

Since its establishment: the company have Ligomo 1,2,3,4 ,5, Fern , Isabella , Estrella , Onogou, Ortega , and MV Arnavon .

A total of 11 ships they purchase since then.

It is the vision of the founder Late Willy Betu and Isabel leaders those years that we enjoy it now.