I want to serve this nation the best I can: Ora

Newly graduated officer, Ms Kym Sussanne Ora with some members of her family.

“I’ve always wanted to be a police officer ever since I was a kid, having grown up in a policing family,” says newly graduated Police Constable 27-year-old, Kym Sussanne Ora.

Growing up and seeing her father, who is a former police commander so dedicated and passionate about his job, Kym was inspired and motivated to fulfil her dream to becoming a police officer.

Getting married with four kids did not stop her. Police Constable Kym Sussanne Ora comes from Shortland Islands in the Western Province.

She joined the RSIPF recruit course on November 6, 2017 and endured the five months training which ended with her graduation yesterday.

“Coming through these 20 weeks of hard training is challenging. I was elected to be the head girl of the recruits and having to look after 69 adults was a very challenging task. But the training helped to mould me and my colleagues to be physically fit and qualified officers,” says Ora.

“The course was wonderful and inspiring. It has taught me to become a better citizen and a professional police officer. I believe that by going through these challenges, I am equipped with the right tools to face the frontline policing duties.

“I am proud to become a newly sworn police officer and I want to go out there and serve this nation with the best I can in any department that I will be assigned to. I want to become a good prosecutor like my late brother, Inspector Galvin Ora.

“I want to encourage the youth of our country to join the RSIPF to serve our nation in maintaining peace and security of this country. It will be challenging and tough but I have proved that it is worth trying. It is a very interesting and great career to take up with pride. You will never know until you joined the force.”


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