The human rights issues confronting women and girls

DEAR EDITOR, over the weekend I was reading about the level of domestic and family violence in the Cook Islands where the number of reported domestic violence cases dropped from 185 in 2016 to 170 last year but the rate is still considered to be high.

The 2014 Family Health and Safety Survey found violence against women and children is ingrained in Cook Islands society and there are signs that this is still the case.

Education is crucial in bringing the number of cases down and that has to start at a young age in school, including empowering women it has been said.

In the Solomon Islands I believe a conference that was spearheaded by the SIBC has just been held on the ongoing problem of domestic violence and the tragic incidence of sexual abuse of young children.

I await the results of that conference with interest.

In conjunction with my reading of the prevailing situation in the Cook Islands regarding domestic and family violence, I read the very interesting and informative Submission on the Human Rights issues that confront women and girls in the Asia-Pacific region.

As an adjunct to the findings that are likely to emerge from the SI conference, I would really recommend that the participants of that conference get hold of a copy of the document for it is my belief that it contains some valuable recommendations to further the human rights issues that transcend across all the small Pacific nations in terms of understanding and finding better solutions to the scourge of domestic and family violence.

The document is entitled – ‘Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade.’

It is an Inquiry into the Human Rights issues confronting women and girls in the Indian Ocean – Asia Pacific Region.

It can be obtained from the SECRETARIAT OF THE PACIFIC COMMUNITY BP D5, 98848 Nouméa Cedex, New Caledonia TELEPHONE: +687 26.20.00 FAX: +687 26.38.18

The contact person is the Programme Manager, Linda Petersen.

Yours sincerely


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