How technology change the way we think

By Ezekiel Talatau

SOLOMON Islands now lives in a digital world where everyone depends on faster and reliable communication, transportation and medication.

Over the years, most people in Solomon Islands are likely to travel by motor boats, ships and planes, use digital phones for communication and chemically processed drugs for medical treatments.

A Ms Marence Amiki yesterday, said that ‘before technology was introduce in Solomon Islands, people in the past used canoes to travel, written letters to communicate and herbs medicine to treat sick people. Nowadays, it’s different’.

“Increased technology is changing our way of living, to be convenient, easy and faster for our people especially in transportation, communication and medication.

“Technologies also creates opportunities in many ways such as Job opportunity and worldwide communication network.

“The world is turning into more advance technology and we must know the good and bad things about it.

Many studies has also revealed that technologies can increase the way how we think and improve human perspective on how we live around the globe and knowing how things around the world are connected.

Mr Trevor Hiro, a foundation Science Student from University of South Pacific (USP) believes that technology creates a world to be connected through many ways.

“For instance, internet help us to communicate and understand issues around the globe.

“Technology also create a system in which we people live in it, adopt to it and changes our way of thinking. Since Solomon Islands people living with different cultures and customs, I believe that the western world technologies will soon changes the way we think.”

“There is a risk that technology will change our culture and identity. For instance, many small children in the past usually learn from their parents about their cultures, customs and their identity. Today, most children spend most of their time on phones and internet. This creates a problem within our society.

“Further research is needed to create a good knowledge on how we can link technologies and our cultures together.”

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