Hotels possess potential for tourism sector

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A concerned citizen expresses that with potential in the country’s tourism sector, particularly in accommodation the National Provident Fund (NPF) should build a 5 star resort at Munda, Western Province.

A Mr George Notoibae said that NPF should make a franchise agreement with a company that carries a brand name to take care of their marketing, promotions, know-how etc.

In this regard, he explains that such companies are not only well known around the world but are also very popular to tourists all due to their status of providing the best services.

“Companies with brand names are well known and these are companies that are most favored by tourists because they are the best when it comes to what they represent in terms of their services, hospitality and image”, Mr Notoibae said.

He furthers that hotels are potentially capable of contributing to the country’s tourism sector.

“So if the Ministry of Tourism and the government can seriously look into prioritizing this then we should be well off as compared to other countries in the Pacific because we are culturally diverse and this is something that attracts tourists here”, Mr Notoibae said.

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