Honiara youths empowered under Crime Prevention Strategy

RSIPF and the Solomon Island Police Support Program.
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YOUTHS in Honiara have successfully completed a workshop on Crime Prevention Strategy held at the Honiara Youth Hub, aimed to increase young people’s awareness and engagement in issues affecting them and society.

The workshop was facilitated by the National Community Policing Team of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) and Solomon Island Police Support Programme (SIPSP).

The event was organised with aim to increase awareness and engagement of young people on the Crime Prevention Strategy which the RSIPF are working on.

As part of implementing the strategy, the RSIPF is also introducing a new model called SARA which is part and parcel of the Crime Prevention Strategy, and young people have a part to play in it.

RSIPF and the Solomon Island Police Support Program.

National Community Policing Programme Coordinator Sergeant (Sgt) John Manegaua said the workshop was organised with aim for the RSIPF and youth leaders to come together and learn about crime prevention and problem-solving using the SARA model.

“In any problem solving we need to Scan-by asking what the problem is, Analyse-what contributes to the problem, response-what can we do to improve the problem and Asses-did the response work.”

“We had the opportunity with the presence of former Prime Minister of New Zealand Ms Clark who spoke at the occasion and took questions from the audience which was a fantastic bonus.

“As a former NZ Prime Minister and former Head of the United Nations Development Programme, Ms Clark has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she was more than happy to share.

“Ms Clark’s message of active citizenship was well received and timely as it coincided with the intent of the workshop.”

Ms Clark encouraged young people to get involved in politics, enrol to vote and cast a ballot in the general election next year.

She noted that 80 percent country’s population is under 30 years and their voice and influence must be heard.

The City Mayor Andrew Mua during the workshop strongly supported the importance of involving and encouraging youth on the Crime Prevention Strategy.

He thanked the New Zealand Government’s support in the ongoing development of facilities for Honiara youth, including an extension to the multipurpose stadium.

Police officers picture with a youth dressed in cultural costume before the workshop.