Honiara hosts 2018 regional women’s convention


THE Honiara Association of Churches is hosting the 2018 HCWC Women’s Convention.
According to a speech from the Honiara Association Chief Elders during the opening ceremony has stated that, it is with great pleasure and honour for the Honiara SSEC Association of Churches as they look forwards to the major event in their church calendar and annual programme, and said that it is to their delight to have women from other pacific neighbouring countries especially, Australia, SSEC Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu, whom are committed to attend the two days convention.

Women will go through a lot of important studies and training to help them grow spiritually in church and God.

HCWC Regional Superintended, Pr Moses Omearo said that women play an important role in the societies and church.

“The convention will emphasise that women can only carry out their task faithfully in the ministry if they start the work in their own lives and become agents of transformation in Society, region and the Nation,” Omearo said.

He also highlights that the tasks for fulling the women’s ministries are small but rewarding once women work together with their leaders, as well continue to live the life example of bible leaders such as Esther, Hannah to name a few who committed their lives to the work of God’s purpose and will.

Omearo highlights that, ‘today much emphasis is placed on the role of the church as a transformation and change agent and rightly so. However, this is not a new concept or understanding of the role of the church’.

“Throughout the ages, as shows that in spite of other ecclesiologies the church has been involved in the life of humankind, in making of nationhood, building of culture, structuring of society with its functions and institutions and in shaping the form and quality of political systems.

“While the focal point of missions has been to communicate the Good News of Christ, to call men and women to repentance and faith, and to baptise them into the church, it has also involved a process of teaching them to ‘observe all things’ that Jesus commanded.

“Christians have assumed that this obedience would lead to the transformation of their physical, social and spiritual lives.

“Sometimes this has been well done, sometimes poorly done but missionaries have always implicitly assumed that the reception and the living out of the gospel would begin to transform both individual and community life.

“And more often than not, specific steps were taken and institutions were established to aid this process.

“While we recognise today that the missionaries often envisioned a model of the transformed community that looked suspiciously like the ones they knew in their own cultures, there is no doubt that this transforming dimension was an essential aspect of mission.”

In encouraging the women, Omearo voiced that all women both nationally and internationally should leave this convention and equip their lives with God’s word, be liberated and become agents of transformation effectively in their societies.

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