Honiara City landowners want recognition

By Mike Puia

LANDOWNERS from Guadalcanal Province who represent the Tandai Tribal Land Association (TTLA) have requested recognition for allowing their land to host Solomon Islands’ capital city.

TTLA’s wish for recognition was conveyed by a member of the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly, Mr John Nano.

“Our Tandai landowners wanted some recognition for having this city on their land,” Nano said.

He said for years the city has grown with little control by their tribal land association.

“In fact, this town has grown three times without the knowledge on the TTLA. The Association was never consulted.”

He said there are events, like the queen’s birthdays, where honours and awards are bestowed to individuals who render outstanding service to the country.

“Why not create an award to recognised landowners of this town? They willingly allow their land to host this town,” Nano said.

He said it can be small recognition like awards or programmes to benefit landowners or an invitation to landowners to attend city events.

Prior to World War II, Honiara did not exist. In 1952 it officially replaced Tulagi in the Central Islands Province as the capital of Solomon Islands.

Today the city is overcrowded and the Guadalcanal provincial government is not giving the government and the Honiara City Council permission for expansion.

Honiara land is among issues to be discussed during the planned Guadalcanal land summit in March.

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