Solomon Islands makes historic weightlifting achievement in XVII Pacific Games


Solomon Islands has achieved a historic milestone in weightlifting as its lifters secured an impressive haul of 5 gold medals in the XVII Pacific Games held in Honiara.

Jenly Tegu Wini, popularly known as the “Solomon Islands Iron Lady,” dominated the 55-kilogram category and emerged victorious with three gold medals. Brown Chester Ramohaka also put up a commendable performance, winning two gold medals in the 61-kilogram category.

Overall, the Solomon Islands lifters secured a total of 17 medals, including 5 gold, 7 silver, and 5 bronze.

This remarkable achievement marks a significant improvement compared to the previous Pacific Games in Samoa in 2019, where the lifters secured 16 medals but no gold.

Wendy Hale, the coach and a former national lifter, expressed her satisfaction at the team’s performance on home soil.

Hale also praised the younger and first-time lifters who displayed exceptional talent and determination amidst strong competition from other participating countries.

“The lifters’ personal best performances in this competition were truly impressive,” commented Hale.

Hale highlighted the tough nature of the 59-kilogram category, which serves as a qualifier for the Olympic Games scheduled in Paris, France next year. Despite the participation of Australian lifters, Mary Kini Lifu and the young Shirmara Wini held their ground, securing the fifth and sixth positions, respectively, in this category.

However, on the concluding day of the competition at Maranatha Hall, Solomon Islands’ national lifters failed to maintain their early momentum. Eunice Kaute Mua settled for eighth position in the 87-kilogram category, while John Milton Garomo secured the fourth position in the 102-kilogram male category. Oscar Taramae concluded the competition by settling for seventh place in the 109-kilogram category.

Hale expressed optimism about the future of weightlifting in the country, citing the availability of new training facilities post the Pacific Games 2023.

This remarkable feat by the Solomon Islands weightlifting team showcases their dedication and talent, further solidifying their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the Pacific region.

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