High tide affects community water source in Vella



SALT water is intruding inland in the coastline of Sambora village in South Vella la Vella Island, Western Province.

Reports say water sources of Lubao community near the coast are mixed with saltwater.

A Stanley Basi reports from Sambora that families are struggling to find suitable drinking water from sources further inland.

A nearby stream which has been one of the community’s water source for the past 50 years is no longer fresh water.

The only clean and fresh water source out from the ground at Lubao Village a now affecting by sea level rise as Villagers fear over this continues dry season currently affecting the Western Province. Photo Stanley Basi.

“We felt that our water source is sinking due to sea level rise, and the question begging answers is that what it would be like in the future if we don’t prepare to withstand its consequences.

“These are sea level rise that always happen daily in our Village and one of the changes we faced is sea level that causes more drastic changes that continue to affecting our water source.

“Villagers are now experience daily changes on tides, and the high tide never stops moving, as waves reach further in our water source and mixed with sea.

“We are concern over this issue that continues to affecting our Community and coastline and villagers were worried over the next generation of Sambora on what will happen next for the next 50 years’ time.”

The community of Sambora are calling on responsible authorities to do more awareness programmes on climate change to educate rural communities around Vella la Vella Island.

Children enjoying swimming at Lubao water source mixing with salt water.

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